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Thom Wolf, D.Lit., Ph.D.
International President, University Institute
Professor of Global Studies
University Institute   New Delhi 110 048
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Dr. Thom Wolf is President and Professor of Global Studies.

Ph.D. Global Leadership Andrews University
D.Lit. Humanities Grand Canyon Univeristy
M.A. Cultural Studies
Fuller Graduate School
B.A. Sociology Baylor University

Thom Wolf  (D.Lit., Ph.D.) is international president and professor of global studies of University Institute, New Delhi, India; adjunct professor of global leadership, Andrews University; and adjunct professor of sociology, Charleston Southern University.

He is an international fellow of Canyon Institute for Advanced Studies, Phoenix, usa; a life member of the Indian Sociological Society; and a contributing editor of Forward, India’s first fully Hindi|English news magazine.

University Institute is focused around the crucial question of the 21st century’s global conversation: what is the best way to live life on this planet?

To further the global conversation and to promote sustainable environments for life flourishing worldwide, UI convenes, connects, and collaborates educational experiences throughout South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. With a research library of over 10,000 volumes, UI partners for-credit education for USA universities and adult learning experiences for participants.

A social entrepreneur and leadership educator, Dr Thom has designed Master of Arts programs for four usa universities. His campus lectures|speaking engagements include Indiana University, University of California Berkeley, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Kunming University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Harvard University, American University of Dubai, Kashmir University, Lucknow University, Delhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and the Finance & Budget Academy, Finance Ministry|Russian Federation.

With a sustained interest in the ethical dimensions of comparative worldviews, his ideas have been published by Far Eastern Economic Review, Journal of AC Leadership, Journal of Contemporary Social Work of Lucknow University, the Ministry of Culture|Government of India, and Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University. His probing India Progress-Prone: The Baliraja Proposal of Mahatma Phule (2008) is translated into Hindi and Marathi, and his highly acclaimed “The Mahayana Moment: Tipping Point Buddhism” (2009), into Tibetan (2010).   

Dr. Wolf’s writings include:

Ÿ ‘The Mahayana Moment: Tipping Point Buddhism’ in B. Mungekar (ed.), Buddhism in the 21st Century (2009; Tibetan, 2010)

Ÿ India Progress Prone: The Baliraja Proposal of Mahatma Phule (2008; Hindi, 2008; Marathi, 2009)

Ÿ Savitribai: India’s Conversation on Education, with Suzana Andrade (2008)

Ÿ ‘Three Challenges of 21st Century Buddhism’ in B. Mungekar & A. Rathore (eds.) Buddhism and the Contemporary World (2007)

Ÿ  Phule in His Own Words, with Sunil Sardar (2007)


His public lectures and engagements include:

Ÿ  Finance & Budget Academy of the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation. Invited Lecture: ‘Progress-Prone and Progress-Resistant Societies: Mariano Grondoña’s Paradox and A Cultural Typology of Humane Development’ Moscow, Russia (Summer, 2010) 

Ÿ  India International Centre, New Delhi. From Gulamgiri to Asmita: Jyotiba Phule and Social Reform Movement – A Discussion. Paper read: ‘Phule’s Voice and Venue in Contemporary India’.  Other panel members: V S Sirpurkur, Judge of the Supreme Court of India; Dr Gail Omvedt, Ambedkar Chair, IGNO University; Dr Y S Alone, School of Arts & Aesthetics, JNU (Spring, 2010) 

Ÿ  Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. Invited Lecture: ‘Mahatma Jotirao Phule on Maharashtrian and Indian History: Insights for 21st Century Issues’. Maharashtra @ 50: Ideas of India National Conference (Spring, 2010)

Ÿ University Institute, India. Fall Educational Seminars: ‘The Mahayana Moment: Tipping Point Buddhism Seminar’. Based on essay in Buddhism in the 21st Century by Government of India and Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University (Fall, 2009) 

Ÿ  University of Kashmir, India. Business School, Invited Lecture: ‘India Progress Prone: A Case Study’ (Spring 2009)

Ÿ  Arizona State University, usa. The Canyon Institute of Advanced Studies Lecture, Old Main (1898) Hall. Lecture: ‘India Progress-Prone: Phule’s Baliraja Proposal’ (Spring 2009)

Ÿ  Azusa Pacific University, usa. The Current Issues in Leadership Guest Lectureship Lecture: ‘Leaders, Ideas, and Social Change: A Case Study from India’ (Fall 2008)

Ÿ  American University of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Invited Lecture: ‘Progress-Prone and Progress-Resistant Cultures: A Template for Research’ (Spring 2008)

Ÿ  Chair, ‘International Practices of Buddhism’ Session, 2550th Anniversary of Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha, International Conference at Bodhgaya, birthplace of Buddhism. Government of India, Ministry of Culture (Spring 2007)

Ÿ  Baylor University, usa. Sociology Department, Lecture: ‘Hindu/Buddhist and Hebrew/Christian Meditation: A Gender Studies Comparison’ (Fall 2006)

Ÿ  University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, usa. School of Business Distinguished Speaker Series 2006 with Dr Ken Blanchard and 41st USA President, the Honorable George H W Bush. Invited Lecture: ‘GlobalShift: The New History Vectors’ (Fall 2006)

Ÿ  Lucknow University, India. Sociology Department, Invited Lecture: ‘Progress-Prone and Progress-Resistant Cultures: Worldview Issues’ (Fall 2006) §

Powerpoint presentations and documents from Dr. Wolf's lectures can be downloaded here.

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